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Cooking for large groups is no mean feat, especially for festive occasions like Chinese New Year. You may need to entertain multiple groups of visitors – some of whom may have special dietary requirements – over several days. Safe to say, this isn’t a task for the faint of heart, or a disorganised host.


One of the keys to keeping guests happy and fed is planning your menu well ahead of time, so you know exactly what ingredients to buy. Pre-event preparation will also help minimise the frenzy on D-day. Dishes like dumplings and spring rolls can be made in advance and frozen. Chop your vegetables, marinate meat and prepare soup stocks and sauces.

On party day, multitask like a master. While one dish is cooking, start prepping your next. Look at dishes where leftovers can be repurposed or incorporated into meals. For instance, leftover meat and rice can be turned into a comforting bowl of porridge or fried rice the next day. Your tired body will thank you for it.

Now that your game plan is sorted, we’ve compiled a list of multi-purpose appliances and handy tools that will help you save time and host a feast for the ages.

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