The Insta360 X4 places 360 video content in the hands of the average content creator. It uses two lenses to capture and stitch together 360 footage and can also operate in single-lens mode for more conventional shots. The Insta360 app gives users the option of reframing 360° shots after recording, so you’ll always get the angle you want. The Insta360 app also automatically erases its Invisible Selfie Stick from your video for incredible third-person shots and drone-like perspectives.

  • Waterproof to 10m
  • Video resolution (360 mode): 8K/30FPS, 5.7K/60FPS
  • Video resolution (single-lens mode): 4K60FPS
  • 1/2inch image sensor
  • Battery life: 135mins

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Resolution: We’d suggest a camera that can at least capture 4K video, given the popularity of 4K TVs and displays. Even if you’re using a lower-res display, this helps future-proof your videos as 4K content becomes more widely adopted.  

Frame rates: Slow motion is a sure-fire way to make any shot look more epic. We’d suggest a camera that can record at least 60FPS – though models that can record at 120FPS and 240FPS (albeit at lower resolutions) are becoming more common.

Durability and waterproofing: Any action camera worthy of the name is waterproof to at least 10m. If you want to go deeper, check that diving cases are available for your model.

Thermal management: Recording at high resolutions and frame rates in a small body generates a lot of heat, which can cause thermal shutdowns. Check manufacturer specs for runtimes, which can also be affected by how you use your camera. If it’s mounted on your helmet where it receives plenty of airflow or is used in the water, thermal management will be less of a concern.

App support: The cameras we’ve highlighted offer apps with AI support that can help edit your videos. This means you can still produce epic clips of your latest adventures, even if you’re not the next Martin Scorsese.


If high-resolution, high-framerate video capture and the ability to take high-resolution photos are your main considerations, the GoPro HERO12 Black and HERO11 Black are good choices. They’re currently discounted on Amazon US which makes both cameras compelling options.

The DJI Osmo Action 4, with its larger sensor offers good low-light performance while the DJI Osmo Action 3 is a sound budget option from a reputable manufacturer.

If you want a small, wearable camera that offers more creative video angles, the Insta360 GO 3S is a good option that offers 4K video capture and extended battery life when docked with its Action Pod.

For easy-to-edit, high-resolution 360 videos, the recently launched Insta360 X4 is a versatile choice that offers greater freedom during the editing process.

Action cameras are surprisingly versatile devices, suited to chronicling family vacations, vlogging and your latest adventures. Their rugged construction and small size make them ideal for capturing unique perspectives of your latest adventures.

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