Fortunately, Lau again ‘braked’ in time despite a slight stumble and continued singing and interacting with concertgoers as if nothing happened.

We get that the move wasn’t performed on a high platform, but isn’t the stage still elevated from the ground?

Like his previous incident, netizens took to the comments in the videos to voice their displeasure.

“At his age, he doesn’t need to perform these stunts to look cool,” read one of the comments.

Another sarcastically wrote, “Think we should stop persuading him as it seems he won’t be satisfied if he doesn’t do these [stunts].”

Other netizens were having none of it, even incredulously questioning if “he [Lau] was deliberately creating news” for his shows.

Is such hype necessary for someone with Lau’s stature, though?

“I refuse to believe the second time was unintentional, and he’s simply making his fans worry for him,” commented another netizen.

However, some of Lau’s diehard fans refuted the negative claims and insisted otherwise.

While some say everything should have gone well during rehearsals, “the atmosphere and state of emotions can allow unexpected incidents to happen”.

This story was originally published in 8Days. 


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