Jisoo’s appearance, in particular, was a surprise as there had been no indication that the 29-year-old K-pop idol had left South Korea. Online fans even called her “a ninja”, with one fan writing: “Another episode of Jisoo being a ninja because (in) her last update, she was filming (and) then now, she’s in Singapore.

During the event, Jisoo was seen interacting with South Korean actress Roh Yoon-seo as well as Anne Yitzhakov and Yanina Novitskaya – the managing director for Cartier Singapore and the CEO of Cartier Southeast Asia respectively.

However, the Blackpink member’s time in Singapore appeared to be brief as she was filmed arriving at South Korea’s Incheon Airport on the morning of Thursday (Jul 11).

In a post on the fan messaging app Bubble, Jisoo uploaded a few pictures of her time in Singapore – one of which showed her holding a crab claw.

She wrote: “Blinks [fans of Blackpink]! I’m back in Korea. Haha. The weather in Korea is clear! It’s not raining?! I was sad that my trip to Singapore was short but after finishing my schedules, we all ate chilli crab.”


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