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Among those whose land parcels were purchased by the HS2 project is farmer Bernard Kettle.

To build a tunnel below his fields, the project bought over 60 per cent of his farmland.

However, he has not received any compensation over the cancellation of the project, nor any news on how he will get his land or money back.

“They haven’t given me anything. They are supposed to compensate me for damage they have done to the field (and) they are supposed to reinstate the field, but nobody’s been near … I’m just a statistic,” Mr Kettle told CNA.


There is also still no certainty about whether former land owners will be able to repurchase the now unnecessary plots.

Even if they are, the plots will likely be sold at the current market value, which could be much higher than what the original owners received, hence making it potentially unaffordable.

Some mansions in the area have been left empty for years, though maintenance and security is still being paid for with taxpayer dollars until they can be sold.

Further south, the construction of HS2 is ongoing between Birmingham and London, with viaducts, bridges, railway tracks and tunnels already being built.


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