SINGAPORE: Water dispenser firm Purexygen has been told to stop making misleading claims on the health benefits of alkaline or filtered water on its website and social media pages.

It claimed that such water could help prevent health conditions such as osteoporosis, acid reflux, blood pressure conditions and diabetes. 

The company and its directors, Mr Heng Wei Hwee and Mr Tan Tong Ming, have been issued warnings by the Competition and Consumer Commission of Singapore (CCCS), the authority said in a media release on Thursday (Mar 21).

Purexygen supplies water dispensers, alkaline water filtration systems and maintenance service packages to consumers.

An investigation by the CCCS found that the company had engaged in unfair practices between September 2021 and November 2023.

Besides making misleading claims about the health benefits of alkaline or filtered water, it also claimed that its filters were evaluated by testing bodies.

This claim was made in the sales kit used by its staff in their sales pitches to consumers.

It also misrepresented in listings on Carousell that its water faucet and dispenser were free for a limited time. This was false as water faucets and dispensers were already provided to customers free of charge at all times.

Consumers were also misled about the terms and conditions of service agreements. They were told that fees paid for activation and maintenance service packages under direct sales contracts were non-refundable. 

Customers were also not informed of their right to cancel these contracts and that any money paid under the cancelled contracts would have to be repaid.

Purexygen also gave false excuses for its persistent delays in providing purchased water filters.


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