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Another video shows the other dog handler dragging a black Shiba Inu to place it next to another dog. The man then hits the animal on its flank and head as it cowers from him. 

“This was just witnessed this morning, we are not affiliated with any company or business, just witnessing the treatment by @xavian_and_pack on the poor furkids for a photo-op made us furious!” the video caption read.

Responding to CNA’s queries, animal welfare group Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) said on Tuesday morning that it was alerted to the video showing the trainers mishandling the animals. 

“Just like us, animals experience pain and distress. We appeal to pet owners to only use humane, science-based and force-free training methods. Positive reinforcement helps nurture a loving, enriching relationship with our pets,” said SPCA. 

The animal welfare group reminded pet owners and trainers to refrain from using violence or intimidation. 

“Hitting, hurting, or threatening animals can cause increased fear and anxiety, that could result in long-term health and behavioural issues.” 

SPCA also asked those who had negative experiences with the training provider in the video to contact them so that they could investigate the matter.


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