Web Stories Saturday, February 24

“Most common problems are problems with the video link and with the control link,” Sam said during a recent visit by Reuters. “And most of them are because of low-quality parts that are used very often to make the drones even cheaper.”

Some of the drone operators called for UAVs to be tested before they are used in battle.

“We must test drones supplied by new producers or made by a civilian,” said one who goes by the call sign “Fest”. “In addition to losing the drone itself, we can lose ammunition which is not cheap.”

Another, who uses the call sign “Pit”, said drones should conform to standards so that operators know in advance how the device they are asked to operate will work.

“You work a lot and have to do flight after flight while drones differ a lot. One has different controllers, another different settings, and so on,” he said. “When under pressure, it happens that you miss a detail and it leads to missing a target.”


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