Though he “wants to bring in different coffee beans from different cafes” in the future, Huang currently uses beans from Humble Origins Coffee Roasters, which imports them from the Shan Hills in Myanmar. He chose Humble Origins in order to “support the producers in Myanmar in light of the political instability” that the country is facing now. 

Huang uses their signature blend, which comprises a mix of Naturals (dry processed beans) from Ga Naing Yar Village, Washed (wet processed beans) from Moe Htet, and Honey processed beans from the female-led Amayar Women Coffee Producer Group.


In its soft launch phase, Calibrate Coffee has a straightforward six-beverage menu, consisting of black or white coffee (S$5 hot, S$6 iced), choc (S$5 hot, S$6 iced), mocha (S$5.50 hot, S$6.50 iced), matcha (S$5.50 hot, S$6.50 iced) and dirty matcha (S$6.50 hot, S$7.50 iced). Patrons can top up S$1 for oat milk.

Huang says his best-selling drink since launching is currently his iced white coffee, but he recommends the iced black, as he feels “black coffee can best bring out the characteristics of the coffee bean best”. 


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