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The BudgetMealGoWhere portal was launched in May 2023 and has had more than 300,000 unique visitors since its inception, according to HDB and GovTech.

The website started with a list of about 40 HDB rental coffee shops let out via Price-Quality Method tenders, where tenderers were required to include budget meals as part of their tender bids.

Since May last year, all HDB rental coffee shops have had to offer budget meal options upon their tenancy renewal.

HDB will also offer a 5 per cent discount off the renewal rents for a period of one year from the time of the tenancy being renewed, subject to verification that the new budget meals and drinks have been implemented.

The government will also “continue to work closely with F&B businesses and operators to refine and expand the implementation of budget meals, while also considering their commercial interests”, said HDB and GovTech.

According to HDB and GovTech, as of Monday, there are over 250 coffee shops, including those owned by HDB and private owners, listed on BudgetMealGoWhere.

By 2026, budget meals will be offered at all 374 HDB rental coffee shops, the agencies added.

The government also “remains committed to ensuring that residents have access to affordable cooked food options within the heartlands”, said HDB and GovTech.

To achieve this objective, HDB provides a good supply of coffee shops in every HDB town and estate, it added.

“Over the past five years, HDB has completed 31 new coffee shops, including 5 coffee shops in 4 towns completed last year.

“Another 21 coffee shops are slated for completion in the next five years, in tandem with the completion of new BTO developments to meet residents’ needs,” said HDB and GovTech.

The government also welcomes other coffee shop operators in HDB estates to participate voluntarily in the budget meal initiative, the press release said.


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