Gaza’s Palestinians despaired at observing Ramadan, a month-long Islamic observance that includes daytime fasting for adults, without relatives who have been killed and lacking adequate food for their children.

At a Gaza school run by the UN Palestinian refugee agency, thousands of people who have fled Israeli airstrikes barely had enough food to break the daily fast, unlike fellow Muslims around the world.

Basel al-Soueidi, sheltering in the Jabalia refugee camp, was cooking a few red lentils for the surviving members of his family, 17 of whom have been killed in the war.

“There is no food or water, there is nothing. All my cousins died, there’s no one left. We used to all gather during Ramadan, with my uncle,” he said, close to tears.

Israel said its troops had killed more than 50 Hamas gunmen over the previous day, taking the number of fighters killed around Al-Shifa hospital to 140, along with two Israeli soldiers. It added 358 Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants had been captured during the raid at the hospital complex.


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