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National Gallery Singapore’s Deputy Director of Audience Engagement and Light To Night’s Festival Artistic Director Dee Chia explained the festival’s theme, Reimagine, and how organisers have innovated the festival which is now in its eighth iteration.

“We want (festival-goers) to understand art is not just what you see being hung on museum walls. You can interact with art in unconventional and interactive ways. For instance, (in the case of Ping Pong Go-Round), (festival-goers) would not have imagined that an artwork could take the form of play,” she told CNA Lifestyle.

“Essentially, we are looking at how we can bridge the gap between art and people by reimagining the ways of encountering art.

“For every edition of Light To Night, we try to outdo ourselves. How do we do that? We ask ourselves: ‘What can we do differently?’ In this case, we look at how we can work with artists to push their artistic practice… We also work with our partners in the Civic District and think about how we can collectively provide more immersive and interactive works for the members of public.”

Light To Night Singapore 2024 will run from Jan 19 to Feb 8.



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