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Mr Leong had claimed that the woman’s Medisave savings were “substantially depleted” after a leg operation. He also claimed that she stopped attending physiotherapy sessions because she had to pay S$100 for each session.

The woman was admitted to Ng Teng Fong General Hospital for an operation on her fractured ankle from Jun 20 to Jun 23 in 2023, racking up a hospital bill of about S$8,580.

After government subsidies, MediShield Life and MediSave, her remaining bill amount was about S$240, said MSF. She had more than S$60,000 left in her MediSave account after that withdrawal, and still has more than S60,000 in her MediSave account as of Feb 12.

Additionally, the outpatient physiotherapy sessions at the same hospital had cost S$25 per session after government subsidies and were fully covered by MediFund, said MSF, adding that the woman did not have to pay any cash out-of-pocket.

“She will continue to receive full MediFund assistance for her outpatient bills until June 2024, at which point her eligibility for MediFund will be re-assessed.”

Another false claim was that the couple had applied to a public sector agency for assistance with their transport costs, but their application was rejected.

In truth, the couple has received public transport vouchers in the current and past two Public Transport Voucher exercises.

“The man has been receiving subsidised medical escort and transport services from community care providers since 2021,” said MSF.

When the woman fractured her ankle, the Silver Generation Office offered to refer her to subsidised medical escort and transport services, but she had declined the offer.

An officer from the People’s Association also visits the couple regularly, and had ferried them for hospital visits, bought meals for them when they could not leave their house, and helped them run errands, MSF added.

“False statements, such as those made in Leong’s posts, erode public trust and mislead the public about the support that is available and provided to families who are in need,” said MSF.


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