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In a separate press release, SGPO said it will serve as a “first stop” for individuals and interest groups keen to partner the government.

It will curate key government resources for partnership, funding and volunteering opportunities. It will also drive the adoption of new engagement processes.

Encouraging interested Singaporeans to come forward, Mr Wong said the government wants to create ample opportunities for everyone to contribute meaningfully to a shared future. 

As a result of government-people partnerships, there is a strong sense of cohesion and solidarity in Singapore, he noted, adding that the country cannot afford to rest on its laurels. 

In a world of conflict and confrontation, Singapore will face an external environment that is less favourable to the country’s security and prosperity, said Mr Wong, who is also Finance Minister.

He added that in the face of economic and social strain, people’s trust in the system gets eroded, and differences become entrenched, resulting in divided and polarised societies.

“We are not immune to these same powerful forces that can potentially divide us, there’s no reason why Singapore is immune to this … In fact, as a diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-religious society, we are all the more susceptible to such divisive forces in the world,” he continued.

Adding that this is why he launched the Forward Singapore exercise, Mr Wong noted that volunteers and community groups often know what the local community needs best, and can quickly organise themselves to address emerging gaps. 

“And there are many groups, ground-up initiatives and others, who can evolve new and innovative ways to serve the community, and to shape the character and tone of our society,” he said.

“The bottom line is that we can achieve much more when we work together as partners.” 


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