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Speaking at a Bloomberg News forum on Saturday in Manchester, Haley campaign manager Betsy Ankney referenced Haley’s remarks and said Trump “made a pretty apparent gaffe last night.”

“It’s a distinction without a difference. It’s Nikki and Nancy,” Trump campaign senior adviser Chris LaCivita said to reporters Saturday night. “What’s the difference?”

At his rally Saturday night in Manchester, Trump said that he took a cognitive test and “aced it”.

“I’ll let you know when I go bad. I really think I’ll be able to tell you,” he added. “I feel my mind is stronger now than it was 25 years ago. Is that possible?”

Trump, who won Monday’s Iowa caucuses and is the current GOP front-runner, picked Haley to serve as his United Nations ambassador and has ramped up his criticism of her campaign as the year’s votes have gotten underway.

On Saturday, he stumped in New Hampshire with a robust complement of backers from Haley’s home state of South Carolina, including Gov Henry McMaster and several US House members.

A day earlier, Sen. Tim Scott – who ended his own 2024 bid in November and was appointed to the Senate by Haley in 2012 – endorsed Trump over Haley in a rousing call-and-response speech of his own in New Hampshire.

Since entering the GOP race nearly a year ago, Haley, 52, has advocated for “mental competency tests” for older politicians, a swipe at the ages of both Trump and Biden.


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