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SINGAPORE — The authorities have called for a safety time-out at the construction site of the Pasir Ris East station, after a noise barrier panel was damaged in an incident on Tuesday (Jan 16). The station is part of the upcoming Cross Island Line of the island’s MRT network.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) said that no workers were hurt and it called for a safety time-out to check that the site was in order before allowing the contractor to continue work.

A grabber had toppled at the site next to Block 208 Pasir Ris Street 21 around 5pm on Jan 16, LTA said on Friday in response to TODAY’s queries.

A noise barrier panel was damaged due to the collapsed grabber, which is an excavator-like mobile equipment that grabs soil with a claw.

There was no damage to the adjacent public housing block, LTA added.

The Ministry of Manpower told TODAY on Friday that excavation works were being done when it happened and it is now investigating the incident.

“A grab bucket attached to a diaphragm wall machine tilted and fell onto the noise barriers along the perimeter of the worksite, causing part of the barriers to collapse,” it said.

The occupier of the worksite is Sinohydro Corporation, the ministry added.

A TikTok video posted on Thursday by user “haiqeljupri2” shows the grabber — which appears to be attached to a crane — collapsing on the noise barrier panel. The structure is seen crumbling as a worker steps backward, away from the toppled grabber. 

The police and Singapore Civil Defence Force told TODAY on Friday that no reports were made in relation to the incident.

The damaged noise barrier panel was removed and the remaining structure has been certified safe by a professional engineer, LTA said, adding that work at the site has since resumed.

While the barrier is being repaired, an inflatable noise barrier has temporarily been deployed for noise mitigation purposes.

“LTA takes a serious view of safety incidents. Investigations into this incident are ongoing,” it said.


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