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SINGAPORE — The sole proprietor of a mobile phone shop has been given a record S$48,000 fine for using his customers’ personal data to illicitly register prepaid SIM cards without their knowledge or consent.

Koh Wei Ming @ Muhammad Amin Koh, who ran the shop Mobile Chat, then sold the SIM cards to anonymous buyers, said the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC).

In a statement on Wednesday (Jan 17), the PDPC said that investigations found that Koh’s errant practices took place over a period of four years with more than 1,000 illicit SIM cards sold.

The S$48,000 fine is “the highest penalty meted out for this offence to date”, the commission added.

Koh was previously sentenced to 16 months’ jail last September for unauthorised modification of the contents of telco M1 Limited’s computer system for the registration of prepaid SIM cards.

The PDPC added that this is the second case involving the egregious misuse of individuals’ personal data for illicit activities.

The first involved mobile retailer Yoshi Mobile, that sold illicit SIM cards that were then used to send unsolicited messages.

Yoshi Mobile was handed a fine of S$21,000.

“The PDPC takes a serious view on the misuse of data and will take firm enforcement action against such errant retailers,” the statement said.

TODAY has reached out to the PDPC for more information about Mobile Chat.


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