CNA observed a team from T&T Salvage Asia at work on Friday, laying a 200m-long black-coloured containment boom along the external coastline of Siloso Beach.

“It was bad weather, very strong thundery showers early in the morning. So one or two booms snapped, but it was immediately taken care of,” Capt Anuj said, noting that the larger boom was being deployed only as a precaution.

Some extent of damage such as wear-and-tear is natural and already factored in as considerations when deploying booms, he explained.

The new boom is made up of 3m-long segments that have to be completely inflated with air so it can float on the water. It is heavy and requires more manpower and coordination to deploy, said Capt Anuj.

“These are bigger booms. They are much more sturdy and stronger. They will last much longer. But takes also a little bit more time to deploy as well,” he added.

Each 3m segment weighs about 100kg when completely inflated. It is launched off a boat and towed into position by a smaller raft that can move faster and get closer to the shore.


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