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Inside, the dragon appears on the front passenger panel, individually hand-painted by a dedicated Rolls-Royce artist. To create this complex artwork, the artist used multiple hues of red, applied on top of each other in four stages over a two-week process. First, the initial outline of the symbol was painted using a ‘feathering’ technique to create a flame effect, as if the dragon were suspended in fire, reflecting its festive, celebratory nature. This was followed by three further layers in darker shades of red, allowing the artist to add more details and depth. The result is a three-dimensional effect so realistic that the artwork appears to have been carved into the fascia.

Now achieving such fine detailing is a feat reserved for Rolls-Royce’s master artisans. After each layer of paint, lacquer was painstakingly applied in a delicate process ensuring that not a spot of imperfection nor stray particle of red paint is transferred onto the white background. The Rolls-Royce artist then spotlessly cleaned and finely sanded every completed layer before the next lacquering stage.Besides the fascia panels, the dragon motif also finds its way throughout the car interior, making a subtle appearance on the headrest of each of the four seats. It is depicted in Phoenix Red embroidery, offering a bold contrast to the black or white seat leather. Again, this required utmost precision in strategically aligning 5,449 stitches to create a fluidity of motion, taking almost 20 hours to complete each motif.  


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