Berlin is a city with hardcore fans around the globe, so the only question that comes up when you hear of Singapore’s first restaurant dedicated to the German capital’s food scene is: Why has it taken this long?

Berlin65 is a casual eatery on Stanley Street where you can finally get your fix of currywurst with fries, Berlin-style kebabs, Kreuzbeurg-brewed beer on tap, and more. Only a few months old, the restaurant, with its laid-back vibe and street art styled walls, pays homage to the melting-pot cuisine of a city that’s famously edgy, artsy, full of history and colourfully multicultural, with Turkish and Vietnamese cooking being a big part of it.

Who are the founders? Erm, well, they are Austrians. Berlin65 is opened by Stephan Zoisl of fine dining restaurant Chef’s Table By Chef Stephan, and Lorenz Raich, who is also Group Executive Chef at casual Bavarian chain restaurant Brotzeit.

But, seeing as Berlin and Singapore are similar in that they are “a melting pot” of cultures, as Raich pointed out, who’s keeping score?


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