A former victim of financial abuse, who only wanted to be known as Bayu, told CNA that her ex-husband did not let her get a job and would only give her an allowance to support their children.

Her personal funds and the family’s finances were all controlled by him, she added.

It was only seven months into the marriage that she reassessed her situation and confronted him. He then told her she could buy things for herself, but had to seek his permission.

However, any attempt to buy something was usually met with threats, and this went on for more than a decade, said the 41-year-old.

“At the beginning, I only wanted one thing – to seek a divorce. But to seek a divorce, there’s like so many things that I have to do,” said Bayu.

“At that moment, I had no money, I had zero money, I had zero cash, I had no investment, nothing. So from that moment, I felt that whatever I wanted to do (or) to achieve the things that I wanted to do, I couldn’t, because he would not allow me to stay in the house if I insisted that I wanted to get a divorce.”


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