All commuters must bring their current SimplyGo card for verification during card collection. Even after collecting their new CBT card, they can continue to keep and use their SimplyGo card. 

LTA encouraged commuters to stick to their allotted collection dates to “ensure a more organised collection process with shorter waiting times”, adding that there is “sufficient stock” of CBT EZ-Link cards.

There may, for instance, be longer queues and wait times during the morning and evening peak hours – 8am to 9.30am and 5pm to 7pm. Commuters may wish to visit the ticket office during off-peak hours for a shorter wait time, the authority said.

Those who are unsure about whether they are eligible to collect a new CBT card can find out by entering their EZ-Link card identification number at, or calling the SimplyGo hotline at 1800 2255 663.


The collection schedule is slightly different for cardholders of NETS Prepaid cards. 

From Apr 1 to Jun 30, commuters who purchased a NETS Prepaid card between Jan 9 and Jan 22 can get a free NETS FlashPay card from any ticket office islandwide. 

Similar to CBT EZ-Link cardholders, these commuters can continue to keep and use their existing NETS Prepaid card even after collecting their NETS Flashpay card. They can also request a refund on the remaining balance on their NETS Prepaid card via the NETS app. 

If they are not sure of their eligibility for a new NETS FlashPay card, they can check on the SimplyGo website or call the NETS customer service hotline at 6274 1212. 


Concession cardholders who were issued or converted their cards to SimplyGo on or before Jan 22 will also receive a new CBT card. This applies to senior citizen, workfare transport and person with disabilities concession cardholders, as well as adult monthly travel cardholders. 

However, these groups will have their card mailed to their address that is registered with TransitLink. 

This will make it easier for concession cardholders, such as seniors and people with disabilities, to obtain a new card, said LTA.

After receiving their new CBT card, they can choose to either use it or continue with their existing SimplyGo card.

To ensure that each eligible concession cardholder has only one valid concession card, they need to activate their new CBT concession card at any ticket office if they wish to use it, added LTA. 

The process is similar to activating any new concession card. They must bring along their NRIC, as well as existing and new concession cards. Customer service officers at the ticket offices will also help to transfer any remaining value to their new concession cards.

LTA said about 290,000 adult users of SimplyGo EZ-Link and NETS Prepaid cards, as well as 67,000 concession card holders are eligible to receive new CBT cards.


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