According to the manufacturer Safkan Health, there is some prep before you put on the headset and get flushing. For instance, there are pre-treatment drops to soften the earwax, and the solution compartment has to be filled with body-temperature saline or distilled water.

When putting on the headset, there are disposable eartips that need to be inserted into each ear to help direct the flushing liquid to the walls of the ear canal. Then, press a button and the cleaning cycle begins. Repeat if necessary.


Not that they know of, said both ENT specialists. “The OtoSet is a relatively new innovation,” said Dr Tham. “I have not personally encountered it in clinical practice here, but I’m intrigued by its unique combination of irrigation and micro-suction for earwax removal.”

He added: “In Singapore, there is a variety of ear care devices available, ranging from micro-suction to endoscopic ear cleaners, and such devices come with a small camera to provide visual aid while cleaning the ear”.

Dr Tan has also seen those devices. “However, they are not automated and require operation by a physician. Additionally, they necessitate separate containers to collect the irrigation fluid from the ears”.


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