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Fix My Life, the romance drama starring Hong Ling and James Seah is sixth, while Richie Koh’s COVID-related Cash On Delivery is seventh. The drama about food delivery riders also starred Cavin Soh, He Yingying, Jin Yinji and Jernelle Oh.

We’re surprised to see All That Glitters, starring Desmond Tan, Jeremy Chan, and Ayden Sng, come in eighth. Despite its high production value, the drama, which was filmed in Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia, did not produce the same blockbuster results.

Family drama Family Ties starring Shane Pow, Jeffrey Xu, Denise Camillia Tan, Yao Wenlong, Constance Song and Lina Ng, is ninth. 

Lastly, in 10th place is thriller Silent WallsThe drama interlinks stories of four women  Tasha Low, Fang Rong, Mei Xin and Jojo Goh  from the 30s, 60s, 80s and present-day.

You can rewatch all the dramas mentioned above on meWATCH. 

Strike Gold, Love At First Bite, Till The End, SHERO, Oppa, Saranghae!, Fix My Life, Cash On Delivery, All That Glitters, Family Ties, Silent Walls

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