“We are having the mother of all global market outages,” one trader said.

“People can’t switch their computers on after restarts. Those who didn’t restart are doing fine,” another trader said.

German banks are facing disruptions, a spokesperson for the Deutsche Kreditwirtschaft financial industry association said.

South Africa’s Capitec Bank said card payments, ATM and App services had been fully restored after experiencing significant disruptions.

Major banks JPMorgan, HSBC, Goldman Sachs and Barclays did not immediately respond to requests for comments.

Besides the financial sector, the outages rippled far and wide, with major U.S. airlines ordering ground stops on Friday.

It was not immediately clear whether the call to keep flights from taking off were related to an earlier Microsoft cloud outage.

The Australian government said the outage appeared to be linked to an issue at global cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike.


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