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SINGAPORE — With Chinese New Year (CNY) fast approaching, shops and restaurants have been rolling out hordes of dragon-themed decorations and menus to welcome the Year of the Dragon.

But it looks like Neo Garden Catering may have everyone beat, as it launched earlier this month a yusheng (raw fish) platter which measures a whopping 1,088m.

Featured in its CNY menu are yusheng platters that cost from S$48.80, which serves six to eight people, to a S$438 one that serves 30 to 35 people. 

Other more expensive yusheng platters are also available, such as an 8m-long “Fortune Dragon Yusheng” costing S$3,888 and a 78m-long “Longevity Dragon Yusheng” at S$58,888.

But the men offering that caught the attention of some netizens was the 1,088m-long “Celestial Dragon Yusheng” that costs S$1,088,888. After including GST, the cost of the yusheng platter amounts to $1,186,887.90.

In its main promotional photo for the platter, yusheng ingredients are arranged in the shape of a large orange dragon which spans multiple tables. The dragon’s body appears to be made up of mainly vegetables like shredded carrot and white radish, while other key ingredients like sauces, crushed peanut and salmon are placed in small containers lining the edges of the tables.

Netizens on TikTok and Reddit have responded with bafflement, wondering why anyone would order such a dish or why the catering company would even offer it.

The costly yusheng was brought to public attention when TikTok user “corlisse.l” posted a photo carousel last Wednesday (Jan 17) featuring photos of a physical Neo Garden menu for CNY 2024.

“Wanted to order yusheng thinking it wouldn’t cost more than S$50,” wrote Corlisse in the photos, with one showing the cheapest S$3,888 yusheng.

“What in the inflation rate?,” she added.

Displaying more prices, she continued: “Who is the target audience for (this) and why do we need a 288m-long yusheng?”

The carousel ended off with the Celestial Dragon Yusheng and a tongue-in-cheek caption: “1km worth of yusheng for the entire Singapore population, only at S$1.1 million.”

A day later, the menu popped up on Reddit as well in a post by user “random_avocado”, who asked: “1km-long yusheng, anyone?

“Saw it on Neo Garden’s CNY catalogue. Why would anyone want that?”

As of Monday afternoon, the TikTok post has garnered 1.3 million views and 420 comments, while the Reddit post has 390 upvotes and 60 comments.


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