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Many smokers like Mr Dandiar find it difficult to resist the urge to reach for a cigarette.

“Smoking addiction is very difficult to overcome. A smoker experiences withdrawals and cravings, which he may not be able to overcome on his own,” said Dr Ken Lee, a senior consultant at SGH’s Department of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine.

To help them on their smoke-free journey, numerous programmes are available across Singapore’s healthcare institutions and pharmacies.

For those who went through medical treatment for lung injuries caused by smoking, doctors typically refer them to smoking cessation clinics.

Counsellors at such clinics help each patient plan clear, customised milestones, and may recommend nicotine replacement products if they are deemed to be helpful.

A majority of patients in such clinics are men aged between 40 and 70.

During a consultation session that CNA observed, a counsellor first examined a patient’s history of smoking, assessed his daily stressors and concerns and discussed his expectations and goals, before giving advice and recommending medication. 


Smokers seeking to quit can also walk in to participating pharmacies such as some Guardian outlets to get help from professionals.

Compared to hospitals, clients at these support centres tend to be younger men in their 40s, who have not had any major health treatment related to smoking. They cite family, health and finance as their key motivations to stub out.


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