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His specially curated in-flight meal, which consists of bamboo, bamboo shoots, fruits, pellets and water, will also be brought up to the plane.

So, who is going to serve this VIP?

Instead of the usual SIA cabin crew, Le Le will be joined by a keeper and veterinarian from Mandai Wildlife group, as well as a keeper from China. Seated in the upper deck, they will have easy access to the main deck for regular checks on Le Le’s comfort and well-being throughout the four-and-a-half-hour flight. 

SIA has also made arrangements for the ambient cabin temperature. The aircraft will be pre-cooled an hour prior to departure and will be maintained at between 12°C and 16°C, with the humidity kept low.

Similar to the temperature in Le Le’s habitat at River Wonders, this ensures a comfortable in-flight environment for the VIP. 

The flight to Chengdu will be operated by one Captain and one First Officer, and another two pilots will be on board to operate the return flight to Singapore. 

According to chief pilot Captain Nithaar Zain, the pilots will take a gentle rate of climb and descent to ensure Le Le’s maximum comfort, and will check for weather changes regularly for information on turbulence.

Once Le Le reaches Chengdu, he will continue receiving star treatment. 


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