Just a three-minute walk from the hotel, Forgione is a friendly new restaurant which you’d be forgiven for assuming would be Italian, but in fact the intriguing menu from chef Marc Forgione spans multiple countries.

The amuse-bouche is a cute, tiny ‘everything bagel’ with vegetable cream cheese filling in homage to the New York classic, while well-crafted cocktails accompanied the Russian roulette of shishito peppers as we perused the menu, never sure if one would be a heat bomb.

Impeccable service with total knowledge of the menu was a bonus, as ‘Laotian sushi’ was a new one on us but bought slices of fluke atop little cubes of sticky rice. Mains included an excellent Elysian Fields lamb with a lamb croquette, hummus and panelle, a long rectangular Sicilian chickpea fritter.

Since my last visit, just before the pandemic, one key thing has noticeably changed – transport prices. Ubers are regularly US$40 (S$54) to US$50 for a 10 minute to 15 minute ride, even without surge pricing, so the subway really is the easiest and by far the quickest way to get around. That and walking, of course, a great way to counteract the culinary temptation at literally every turn and street corner.

Culturally, two new exhibitions have been packing in the visitors since their opening. The first comes at the jaw-dropping Morgan Library, one of the most underrated and under-visited sights in Manhattan.


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