K-pop group BabyMonster made its official debut as a seven-member group on Monday (Apr 1) with their first EP, BABYMONS7ER.

After almost four months, 16-year-old Ahyeon, who was on hiatus due to health reasons, has rejoined YG Entertainment’s K-pop group. 

During an interview at YG Entertainment headquarters with South Korean press after the EP’s midnight drop, BabyMonster’s Rora said: “We took for granted that we would be debuting as a group of seven – we’ve been together for quite some time too.”

“We are so very happy to have Ahyeon back,” the 15-year-old added.

Before Ahyeon’s return, BabyMonster had released two singles Batter Up and Stuck In The Middle. Their latest EP will include new renditions of the two tracks, which will feature Ahyeon’s vocals.

“The songs felt somewhat hollow, somewhat empty when they were first released with the six members,” said BabyMonster’s Asa, 17.

“Now that Ahyeon is here, I feel like both songs are filled.”   

Meanwhile, Ahyeon thanked her fellow members and fans for supporting her during her break.

“I had a hard time mentally,” she said. “I wanted to recover fast, but it didn’t go as I hoped. I was upset at myself and I felt sorry for the members.”

“But (my) six other members – Rami, Rora, Pharita, Chiquita, Ruka and Asa – did so well and they helped me calm my nerves when I just resumed my musical activity,” she recalled. “I want to take this opportunity to show my appreciation to them.”

BABYMONS7ER will feature seven tracks, including Monsters, Sheesh, Like That and Dream.

Dubbed Blackpink’s “sister group”, BabyMonster is YG Entertainment’s first girl group debut in seven years.

The K-pop group will have its first meet-and-greet tour See You There in the coming months, and make stops in Singapore, as well as Japan, Indonesia, Taiwan and Thailand.


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