Weeks after his appearance on the podcast channel The Common Folks, Singaporean singer-actor Aliff Aziz has provided updates on his ongoing divorce and and close proximity cases in an interview with Malaysian entertainment series Melodi.

The interview, which aired on Sunday (May 12), also showed Aliff giving his reasons for cheating on his wife Bella Astilah which culminated in him issuing a stern message to Muaz Zabir, the Malaysian actor who was said to be in a relationship with Bella.

In the Melodi interview, Aliff reiterated several points he had previously mentioned during his appearance on The Common Folks. These include Bella’s withdrawal of a previous divorce application she filed as well as his regrets towards the entire situation.

Speaking about his upcoming divorce hearing on Jun 4, Aliff said that he delayed the initial proceedings as “the terms were brief”.

“There weren’t any settlement terms discussed before the court date. For example, if I just agreed to the divorce under pressure at that time, I would be forced to handle whatever happens after that. As such, I took the steps to exhaust all the possible ways to salvage (the situation) and come to a settlement.”

When asked if he was ready to let go of Bella, Aliff replied: “I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. As someone who has admitted his shortcomings, there’s nothing else I need to defend. I’ll handle whatever happens during the proceedings when it happens. This is a journey for me to heal and work on myself.

“If the divorce does happen and [Bella] ends up getting custody of my children, I won’t fight it. I only ask for my rights as a father including visitation rights…I don’t want my bond with my kids to end.”

During the interview, Aliff was asked to give the reasons for his constant infidelity – the singer was reported to have been involved with 11 women during his marriage with Bella.

“Only we know what happened. Maybe I was feeling empty at that time because I couldn’t appreciate what I had. I couldn’t control myself. My actions were wrong and I do regret them.”

He then addressed Malaysian actor Muaz Zabir who was reported to have been in a relationship with Bella.

“Don’t try to call me out…You’re the one who did things with another man’s wife and (you expect me) as the husband to contact you? Even though I’m an ex-convict and have done bad things, it does not give you the right to do what you did. You know what you’ve done, I know what you’ve done…There’s no closure between me and you.”

The interviewer later brought up some of the hate comments that Aliff had received since the scandal broke out and asked him if he’d consider himself to be an “honest sinner” or a “hypocritical liar”.

“I’m a sinner who’s honest,” he replied. “There’s nothing else to lie about.”

The interview can be seen below:


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