The ongoing feud between South Korean entertainment conglomerate HYBE and its subsidiary label ADOR has had cascading effects in recent weeks. One of which is the uptick of allegations and rumours levied against K-pop group BTS, which is managed by Big Hit Music – another subsidiary label of HYBE.

Some of the allegations include BTS’ supposed links with meditation company Dahn World – a company that has been speculated to be a cult – and accusations that Big Hit Music rigged music charts and album sales in favour of BTS in 2017. Dahn World has since denied having any association with BTS, and South Korea’s Ministry Of Culture, Sports And Tourism has ordered an investigation into the rigging allegations.

Following these rumours, fans of BTS have expressed their disappointment towards HYBE for what they perceive to be the company’s mismanagement of the situation.

On Friday (May 3), a group of BTS fans took out a full-page advertisement on the South Korean publication Joongang Ilbo, demanding HYBE to “stop the media play that uses BTS as a shield against negative internal and external issues”.

“We support BTS, not HYBE. A label that doesn’t protect its artistes has no reason to exist. Protecting its artistes is a label’s most basic obligation and BTS’ label is not fulfilling this obligation.”

Other fans have also sent funeral wreaths and protest trucks to HYBE’s headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul with messages that criticise HYBE, calling it to protect BTS.


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