“We want to manage crowds, so during sale time, we don’t do any walk-ins, and everything is by appointment. We’re usually packed with appointments then,” said Chang.

During non-sale time, those who make appointments to shop tend to be regular customers who prefer to go directly to Chang’s store, where you can find the full collection, instead of to the stockists. There are also those new to the brand who live in the east, who find it more convenient to shop near where they live, and to ask questions about fit and design. 

With the appointment system, customers can indicate the products they are interested in on a form online, so that Chang and her team can set aside certain pieces before they turn up.

“They walk in, and we are waiting for them with the products they like, and we greet them by name. There’s more time to try the items and understand the products. It just feels more personal. Often, customers walk away with things they didn’t plan to buy, such as accessories like mats, towels and bottles.” 

Of course, most of them do end up buying – usually at least three items. “We never make customers feel bad or intimidated,” said Chang. “We want to build long-term relationships.”

Make appointments at https://www.picktime.com/yumiactive.


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