Experts warned that prolonged use could even lead users to develop a dependence on the products. 

While the energy inhalers are not illegal now, the authorities are monitoring the use of these devices to make sure they do not end up containing harmful substances such as nicotine or cannabis.


“Anything that is not managed, any behaviour that is not moderated, could be an addiction over time,” said Mr Alvin Seng, counsellor at WE CARE Community Services, a community-based addiction recovery centre. 

“There is a need to pay more attention (and) to understand what it’s doing to the youths, how it’s affecting them physically and mentally, and also be ready to then make decisions according to the evidence.”

Citing how some vape users in the past few years, for instance, have tried experimenting with various substances, Mr Seng said: “If we do start to see that people are starting to introduce it into the inhalers for whatever reason, then definitely it needs to be controlled. 

“Illicit or illegal substances are working their way into new formats (and) new platforms, then that will definitely be something that requires a lot more serious attention.”


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