After being harvested, the fish are packed immediately into cooler boxes filled with ice and sent to the kitchen at Parkroyal Collection Pickering hotel, where massive preparations for the feast is underway.

Aside from fish from Pulau Ubin, crates of other fresh produce including eggs, prawns, beansprouts and other vegetables will also be transported from farms across the island.

The snapper will be used to make tandoori fish, while the beansprouts will feature in tauhu goreng. The prawns will be pressed onto vadai and eggs will be used in miniature French pastries for dessert.

Other dishes made with local produce include nasi lemak, popiah, prawn noodles, roti john, roast duck salad, vegetarian mee siam and a selection of kueh.


The spread for the state dinner is overseen by Parkroyal Collection Pickering’s executive chef Alvin Leong, who leads a team of about 50 cooks for the mammoth task.

He has had to plan a well-balanced menu, ensuring a variety of proteins, starches, and vegetables in adequate quantities for all guests.


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