TOKYO: Bosses worried about turnover or wondering how long a new hire will stick around can now turn to AI for a heads-up on who might be next out the door.

The artificial intelligence tool was developed by Japanese researchers to try and help managers provide targeted support to staff to stop them from quitting.

It crunches data on employees at a company, from their attendance record to personal information such as age and gender, and was created by Tokyo City University professor Naruhiko Shiratori with a start-up based in the Japanese capital.

The tool also analyses data on employees who left the company or took a leave of absence, to create a turnover model for each firm.

Then when fed data on new recruits, it predicts who is at risk of quitting “in percentage points”, Shiratori, a media education expert, told AFP on Friday (Apr 19).

“We are currently testing the AI tool with several companies, creating a model for each one.”


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