They say one would never understand how it feels to be a mother until you become one, and we’re sure Jesseca agrees.

The actress has been married to Mediacorp actor Jeremy Chan since 2017 and the couple has no kids.

“For Mind Matters, that was my first time acting as a mother and it was very memorable for me because I couldn’t convince myself mentally to pretend I was a mum,” explained Jesseca.

“But this year, when I played a mum in Once Upon A New Year’s Eve, I somehow gained a different understanding. I suddenly could feel the emotions, be it happy or sad, of a mum.”

In fact, the feelings were so real that Jesseca even started treating her on-screen children, played by He Yingying and Brian Ng, like her own.

While it’s definitely been one hell of a ride for Jess, we couldn’t help but wonder if she has at any point regretted leaving Malaysia to start a career in Singapore.

“I believe everything in life serves as a lesson and I won’t regret any decision I’ve made since I’m someone who prefers to look ahead,” she answered.

“If I didn’t come to Singapore back then, people wouldn’t have gotten to know Ruan Mian Mian, which means the Jesseca Liu we see today won’t exist.”


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