The report found no issues with the quality of the fuel onboard.

In April, the FBI opened a criminal probe into the collapse. Safety investigators recovered the ship’s “black box” recorder, which provides data on its position, speed, heading, radar, and bridge audio and radio communications, as well as alarms.

The bridge’s insurer Chubb said this month it was preparing to pay US$350 million to the state of Maryland, which could be the first major payout tied to the bridge collapse.

US crews in Baltimore set off controlled explosions on Monday to allow them to remove a portion of the bridge from the bow of the Dali. This will allow salvage crews to haul away the twisted metal wreckage using cranes and barges, the US Army Corps of Engineers said.

Crews have opened four temporary channels since the crash, allowing some shipping to resume. The Corps said it aims to restore port access to full capacity by the end of May.


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