If you’ve got it, don’t flaunt it. This succinctly captures the current surge in the “quiet luxury” trend that is making its mark on the fashion landscape. Conspicuous brand names and logos are being dropped in favour of timeless designs in muted colours, where brands like The Row, Brunello Cucinelli, and Loro Piana shine.

Perhaps it’s the apprehension fuelled by the spectre of an impending recession, or it could be attributed to the rising influence of HBO’s Succession and its cast’s discreet yet affluent style. Alternatively, it might signify a broader change in the post-pandemic luxury consumer’s values  ̶  one that prioritises inclusivity and craftsmanship instead of exclusivity and showmanship. Whatever the case may be, there’s a growing sentiment that people are now hoping to say more by showing less.

Adopting this trend is a more challenging endeavour for watchmakers, as they are confined to wrist-sized canvases to convey their brand identity. But there are a handful of brands that have bravely forgone putting their names on dials, preferring instead to use quality, reputation, and design as their distinctive calling cards.


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