SINGAPORE — While some people may bond over passions like cycling or cooking, others bond over the usage of bidets.

At Toilets with Bidets Singapore, a community of bidet users have banded together to collate all the public toilets equipped with bidets in Singapore. 

Created by a fellow bidet user, who wants to be known as R, Toilets with Bidets Singapore features a map of public toilets with bidets on Google Maps that serves as a handy online guide for bidet users who want to do their business in peace at a public toilet.

Launched in 2022, Ms R told TODAY that there were less than 30 pinned locations at that time. 

When TODAY checked on Wednesday (April 17), there were over 270 pinned locations of toilets with bidets on this map across the island. 

TODAY understands that the page has since garnered around 900,000 views and had garnered recent interest after a video featuring the map went viral.

Based on the map, the central area seems like the best district if you need a bidet, with 108 of them identified.

Ms R, whose full-time job is an administrator, told TODAY that, as a bidet user, she found it hard to find bidets in the public. Previously, her online searches for public toilets with bidets had also turned up futile. 

After coming across a tweet wishing for an application locating all the bidet toilets in Singapore in 2021, the 24-year-old decided that she had to do something.

“I did the next best thing (at that time) and created an Instagram account,” revealed Ms R on the genesis of her unusual project. 

The Singaporean said she started off with her personal list of toilets with bidets that she had kept records of, but subsequently, her followers began submitting information on other bidets they had found to her.  

After the pool of information continued to grow, Ms R realised that dumping all the data points into a tool like Google Maps would be easier for users to refer to. 

According to Ms R, data collection took about six months before she received enough submissions to start a map.

“I think I’ve found a very wholesome community that helps each other out,” said Ms R.

In a video posted last Saturday on the Toilets with Bidets Singapore’s Instagram page that featured the map of bidet toilets, many expressed gratitude to Ms R for creating the map.

“Thank you for your service,” wrote one commenter.

“Not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve,” said another.

Instagram user “asanahcamper” echoed similar sentiments: “I follow you because I previously have nightmares finding a toilet with bidet in Singapore…thank you for your initiative!”

It seems like Ms R was not the only one who thought of this idea: “I had this idea too, I sometimes joke that we’re a third world country because we’re not stocked with bidet.”


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