If it’s not already clear, living and sailing on The World requires deep pockets. So deep, the lining reaches your ankles. During my tour, though it was never entirely clear what the yearly management fees are, a clue was provided when our tour guide disclosed that the minimum F&B spend is US$33,000. If the food bill is any indication, you’d need to be a trust fund kid or a retired tech mogul to get even a sniff at an appointment with The World’s sales team.

“That’s US$90 you have to spend every day. Just on food!” a fellow journalist whispered to me. “That’s a lot of mee-pok!’

“Shh!” I told her. “I’m still fantasising about living here.”

That evening, after I’d been seen off The World with smiles and waves, I went onto its website. One of the taglines suggests that the response to the question, ‘Where are you from?’ should be, ‘The World’. 

I’m practising my reply as we speak. 


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