Within a year of its opening, Tre has already made waves in the world of gastronomy ­­ it was included in the 2023 edition of the Michelin Guide in Vietnam.

The space itself has been meticulously designed to evoke a sense of nature. Drawing inspiration from bamboo, a key motif in Vietnamese folk culture, the open plan 70-seater restaurant features a latticed bamboo ceiling built to look like a bird’s nest and a bamboo feature wall.

“In Vietnamese folklore, there is a saying: ‘Where the land is fertile, birds will nest’. So, we incorporated this special meaning into the architecture of Tre,” said Dong.

Ultimately, he hopes to showcase the potential of Vietnamese cuisine on the global stage. He said: “Vietnam’s modern cuisine offers the world a unique combination of rich traditions, diverse flavours, and a commitment to sustainable and locally sourced ingredients. This makes it a cultural and culinary treasure that has much to offer global gastronomy.”


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